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Ketchup in a jar:

This is Włocławek Ketchup! But you know it already, don’t you? An icon since a long time ago, loved by a lot of people. Because for years we have been preparing it the same way. Original recipe and flavour, delicious tomatoes with an addition of vegetable purée. An iconic Włocławek ketchup, neatly closed in a jar.

Ingredients: tomatoes (161 g tomatoes used for 100 g) sugar, puree of celery (7.3%) and onions (6.7%), modified corn starch, salt, vinegar, acidity regulator - citric acid, spices.

Energy value: (100 g) 449 kJ / 106 kcal
Fat: <0,5 g of which saturates <0,1 g| Carbohydrate: 23 g of which sugars 23 g | Protein : 1,7 g | Salt: 1,6 g
Best before end: date and lot number on the lid.
After opening store in the refrigerator.