For years Ketchup Włocławek has been with us.
Lots have changed but, Włocławek stayed the same.

The 60’s.

Hippie movement is about to be born into the world and Americans are about to land on the Moon. Outer space draws attention, but it’s the Earth that is becoming really tasty.

The 70’s.

Gierek’s decade and disco era - a Pole becomes Pope, Eagles led by coach Górsky triumph over other teams in the fields. It’s a bitter time, which sometimes has it’s taste.

The 80’s.

The decade ends and so does the Communism in Poland. However, before it happens, you need to queue up and patiently wait your turn. Year ‘89 has the taste of long wished freedom.

The 90’s.

The world’s map is changing. The Soviet Union ceases to exist and Poland becomes a member of NATO. Western culture is entering Poland, however Włocławek still has its place on our tables in a new reality.

The 21st century

A lot has changed since Włocławek first appeared on Polish tables. Almost everything is changing. Almost...because even in the 21st century, Włocławek still tastes the same.

Strona Włocławek Ketchup